The first experience in Tuscany

Digital microfluidics (DMF), a new technology for newborn screening of Lysosomal Storage Disease

A comparative study was performed in Florence Italy between our SEEKER digital microfluidics (DMF) platform and the mass spectrometry (MSMS) method for the screening of lysosomal storage disorders. The abstract was presented at the 2019 SIMMESN conference. Conclusions from the participating laboratories, based on preliminary results, stated the DMF method appears “suitable to be used for routinely screening GLA, IDUA and GAA activity. The overall performances are at the least comparable to the FIA-MS/MS method even though they should be confirmed on more extensive and prospective study.”

In 2022, the Meyer Hospital in Florence began live newborn screening using SEEKER, our digital microfluidics platform.

Click on the image to read the full poster from Giulia Forni1, Emanuela Scolamiero1, Sabrina Malvagia1, Silvia Funghini1, Massimo Mura1, Maria Della Bona1, Roberta Damiano1,2, Daniela Ombrone1, Candice Brannen3, Jon Washburn3, Giancarlo la Marca1,2

1 Newborn Screening, Biochemistry and Pharmacology Laboratory, Pediatric Neurology
Unit and Laboratories, Meyer Children’s University Hospital, Florence, Italy.
2 Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences, University of Florence, Florence, Italy.
3 Baebies, Inc. Durham, North Carolina, United States