Rapid RT-PCR Testing with Digital Microfluidics – Webinar

This 12-minute presentation was given by Vamsee Pamula, Co-Founder & President of Baebies, in an online forum hosted by Medical Lab Observer (MLO). Watch the webinar to learn how digital microfluidics enables ultra-rapid thermocycling for PCR.

Evaluation of a near-patient diagnostic platform for G6PD – Webinar

This presentation was given by Dr. Michael Cotten in a livestream on July 24, 2020 hosted by the PAS Summer Webinar Series – Neonatal Hematology & Bilirubin Metabolism regarding the evaluation of a G6PD testing platform that uses 50 µL whole blood samples with turn-around time of 15 minutes.

Pompe Positive – What’s Next?

Dr. Priya Kishnani, advocate and expert on Pompe Disease, summarizes the diverse clinical presentations of both the infantile and late-onset of Pompe Disease. Her webinar also accentuates the significant difference that early screening and diagnosis can make in a patient’s outcome.

Pompe Disease – Clinical Outcomes

In this webinar, Dr. Priya Kishnani, Professor of Pediatrics and Chief of the Division of Medical Genetics at Duke, emphasizes the necessity to identify Pompe Disease early through NBS (newborn screening). Dr. Kishnani mentions the significant benefits to beginning ERT (enzyme replacement therapy) as soon as possible and how responsiveness to therapy changes with age and severity of condition onset.