Baebies Supports Recommendation for Expanded Newborn Screening in NC

At Baebies, our mission drives us to support the acceleration of expanding newborn screening wherever and whenever possible.

Baebies was mentioned in a recent report generated by the North Carolina Advisory Council on Rare Diseases called, “Newborn Screening and Early Intervention for the Treatment of Rare Diseases: A Win-Win for Children with Rare Diseases and North Carolina.” North Carolina pioneered universal screening of newborns using tandem mass spectrometry for metabolic disorders, developed at Duke University by Prof. David Millington (Baebies Advisor). The report, published earlier this year, highlights the ecosystem in NC comprising academia (Duke and UNC), non-profit (Research Triangle Institute), and industry (Baebies) that can drive innovations in newborn screening with significant impact for babies around the world.

The benefits of newborn screening are well-known, as clearly outlined in the report. North Carolina charges less for its newborn screening fee than most other states and anticipates the addition of Pompe, MPS I and X-ALD, the three conditions most recently added to the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel. The report concludes that new techniques may be required to obtain funding to screen for new conditions. Baebies would be delighted to bring our innovation to provide a healthy start for all babies in our home state.

Download the full report here.

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