Versatility of Digital Microfluidics for Screening and Clinical Testing in Newborns

This poster was presented at APHL NBSGTS 2019 in Chicago, IL.

Authors: Candice Brannen, Raj Singh, Scott Norton, Vamsee Pamula
Baebies, Inc., Durham, NC, USA

To aid in the ongoing expansion of newborn screening, our team has applied digital microfluidics technology to automate a broad range of clinical assays onto disposable cartridges using nanoliter droplets of sample (DBS, saliva, urine, plasma, and whole blood) and reagents. Digital microfluidic electrowetting technology enables the precise manipulation of discrete droplets and can support multiple assay formats including enzymatic biochemical reactions, immunoassays, and molecular analyses. The miniaturized assay format conserves sample usage, reduces reagent costs, and minimizes the installation footprint.