Baebies SEEKER

Newborn screening platform powered by digital microfluidics

SEEKER is a newborn screening laboratory solution that performs multiple assays at the same time using just one punch from a newborn dried blood spot specimen. SEEKER is used to test thousands of babies each day around the world.


Everything your lab needs for screening in one small workstation

SEEKER Features

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    SEEKER LSD Reagent Kit includes newborn screening assays for 4 conditions

    SEEKER is the first FDA-authorized and CE-marked newborn screening platform for lysosomal storage disorders. SEEKER quantitatively measures the activity of lysosomal enzymes from newborn dried blood spot specimens. Reduced activity of these enzymes may be indicative of:

    MPS I • Pompe • Gaucher • Fabry

    Product is available in the USA and territories which accept CE mark. Please check with your local sales representative for local availability/product registration and regulatory status.

    Second Tier Sequencing for Public Health Labs

    Reduce False Positives in Your Newborn Screening Program

    Baebies offers second tier testing by genetic sequencing to further reduce false positives in newborn screening (NBS) for lysosomal storage disorders.

    Reduce false positive to save follow-up programs time and money
    Prevents unnecessary family anxiety incurred while awaiting follow-up results
    Provides a precise genetic characterization to inform referral and treatment decision
    Brings equity of care to all families by moving insurance-based DNA sequencing follow-up to NBS-based universal screening

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    If your public health lab is currently screening for Pompe disease and MPS I or considering adding these disorders to your panel

    • GAA (Pompe disease)
    • IDUA genes (MPS I, including Hurler, Hurler-Scheie and Scheie subcategories)
    • GBA (Gaucher disease)
    • GLA (Fabry disease
    • GALC (Krabbe disease)
    • ASM genes (Niemann-Pick Disease).

    We use the original dried blood spot from the first tier newborn screen for comprehensive molecular characterization to identify specific mutations.

    Digital Microfluidics Technology

      Powered by digital microfluidics technology, Baebies SEEKER provides newborn screening results in under 3 hours for multiple LSDs from a single DBS punch.

      SEEKER’s first tier enzymatic assay results can be paired with second tier genetic sequencing to reduce false positives, preventing unnecessary family anxiety.

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