Baebies SEEKER

Newborn screening platform powered by digital microfluidics

SEEKER is a newborn screening laboratory solution that performs multiple assays at the same time using just one punch from a newborn dried blood spot specimen. SEEKER is used to test thousands of babies each day around the world.

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SEEKER LSD Reagent Kit

Lysosomal Storage Disorders

Quantitatively measure the activity of up to 4 lysosomal enzymes from one newborn dried blood spot specimen using only one DBS punch.

MPS I • Pompe • Gaucher • Fabry

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The SEEKER Reagent Kit is available in the USA and territories which accept CE mark. Please check with your local sales representative for local availability/product registration and regulatory status.

Platform Features

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Everything your lab needs for screening in one small workstation

Easy to Use
Fast results

SEEKER is the ideal solution to empower your newborn screening lab and integrates easily into your workflow.

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Optimized Assays, Faster Run Times

    SEEKER utilizes the power of digital microfluidics technology to screen dried blood spot samples as discrete, optimized "micro-reactions." This method allows for results in under 3 hours for multiple LSDs from a single DBS punch.

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    Second Tier Sequencing

    Take advantage of Targeted Next Generation Sequencing to reduce false positives.

    SEEKER’s first-tier enzymatic assay results can be paired with second-tier genetic sequencing to reduce false positives, preventing unnecessary family anxiety.



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