Medical Horizons and Baebies Expand Partnership

December 14, 2022 – Florence, Italy

Baebies today announced it is expanding its partnership with medical device supplier Medical Horizons S.r.L to help bring newborn screening solutions to a greater number of countries in Europe.

“It is a great honor for us to continue to grow this cooperation beyond the borders of Italy with the Baebies team who share our passion for serving a delicate sector such as that of childhood pathologies,” stated Guido Osti, CEO of Medical Horizons.

Medical Horizons has the right technical skill and commercial strategy to help us successfully expand adoption of our innovative newborn screening technology,” said Paul Roesch, Sr. Director of Newborn Screening at Baebies. “Our partnership is an optimal way to help more European countries easily add lysosomal storage disorders (LSD) to their newborn screening panels.”

Babies born with rare genetic disorders, such as LSDs, may not develop symptoms of the disorder within days, months, or even years after birth. For this reason, it is critically important that advances in therapies for these conditions be matched with implementing newborn screening programs to help quickly identify children who need treatment. In many cases, therapies achieve the best possible health outcomes if they are initiated before children become clinically symptomatic.

“At Medical Horizons, we are focused on delivering the next generation of medical technology to the Italian and European healthcare markets. The Baebies digital microfluidics solution for screening newborns for LSDs, including Pompe, Mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I), Fabry, and Gaucher, on the SEEKER® platform, allows treatment to begin before symptoms or permanent health problems occur,” stressed Mr. Osti.

Learn more about the SEEKER newborn screening platform.

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