Lab Week 2020

Posted 4/20/2020

To our friends and colleagues in public health labs across the U.S. and around the world, thank you. You have been working tirelessly to help us survive this pandemic. Your extraordinary efforts are saving lives.

At Baebies we believe that everyone deserves a healthy start. Thanks to you, babies born during this time will continue to be screened for diseases that require early diagnosis and treatment.

We understand that newborn screening programs look different these days, with some staff moved to support the COVID-19 response. And new challenges arise as moms and babies are released earlier from hospitals, affecting the age at sample collection. Thank you for your agility and innovative response.

At Baebies, we are with you and here for you. Our commitment to providing high quality products, services, and support remains our priority. We know that a baby’s life or quality of life depends on it.

There has never been a more important time to recognize Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Above all, we are wishing health and safety to you and your families. Your well-being is critical.

Thank you.

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