Staff Scientist [POS ID 10212]

Durham, NC 27709
Salary: $78,000.00 to $95,000.00 /year

Baebies, Inc. is an early stage in-vitro diagnostic company addressing unmet needs in infant healthcare. Baebies has developed two in-vitro diagnostic test platforms – Seeker and Finder – based on the digital microfluidics technology. The SEEKER is a high throughput test platform for newborn screening and the FINDER is a sample-to-answer test platform for near-patient use.

Position Summary

We are seeking a Staff Scientist to join the R&D team at Baebies. The candidate reports to the Director of Technology Development and will provide assay development expertise to add new tests to Baebies’ product platforms. The candidate will be expected to work under dynamic environments, often accompanied by strong time constraints. Personality traits most predictive of success in this role include unbridled scientific curiosity, deep-seated passion for solving problems and an enjoyment for learning.

Roles and Responsibilities

· Supervise 2-3 junior scientists and provide technical expertise for development of molecular diagnostic assays (PCR/RT-PCR).

· Oversee day-to-day experimental direction, including troubleshooting and designing follow up experiments.

· Design DOE studies to optimize assay design and reagent formulations to achieve desired levels of performance and stability

· Design studies to characterize assay performance across various analytical performance metrics including precision, specificity and sensitivity

· Present monthly technical updates and project summaries

Qualifications and Requirements

· PhD with 6+ years of relevant industry experience.

· Expected to spend up to 10-15 hours weekly in the lab.

· Preferred candidate will have experience in molecular diagnostic assay development, and a background in microbiology or host response.

· Candidates will be required to perform a 30min lab-based problem solving exercise as part of the interview process.

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