Baebies Wins the 2020 AACC Disruptive Technology Award

Baebies was selected as the winner of the AACC Disruptive Technology Award by a panel of expert judges at the #2020AACC Annual Meeting. During the virtual competition, Baebies presented FINDER®, a diagnostic platform featuring a toaster-sized instrument and disposable cartridge.

Baebies Selected as Finalist for the 2020 AACC Disruptive Technology Award

Baebies has been named a finalist for the 2020 American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s (AACC) Disruptive Technology Award for FINDER®, a near-patient testing platform. As a growth-stage company developing diagnostic products to provide a healthy start for children everywhere, Baebies FINDER tests for diseases from low blood volume (50 µL) with a turn-around time of approximately 15 minutes after sample introduction.